The Good Earth

Wnag Lung's son wants a slave. Who does he pick?

Wnag Lung's son wants a slave. Who does he pick?

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Wang Lung then asks his son whether he desires a household slave, and he replies that Pear Blossom is the only desirable slave. Wang Lung grows jealous at this and says that no such conduct will take place in his house. Trying to clear his head, Wang Lung feels the draw of the earth. He is ashamed to return to the fields, as he is now a rich man and not a farmer. He reasons that his youngest son is fitting for Pear Blossom, as they are similar in age, but cannot shake off his desire for the girl.

That night Wang Lung calls Pear Blossom to him. She throws herself at Wang Lung's feet upon entering his presence. Although Wang Lung tells her that he is but an old man and that she deserves someone her age, Pear Blossom insists that she prefers an old man, as the young are violent. Thus she becomes Wang Lung's concubine. His relationship with her, built more around companionship than sex, is very comfortable.