The Good Earth

when does The Good Earth take place??

I am doing a project on The Good Earth, and I need to know what time the book is supposed to take place. Does anyone know what years this book is covering?

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I do not believe that exact dates are ever given, but since The Good Earth was published in 1931, the plot most likely revolves around the the period from 1890 to 1900 onwards. Since opium factors largely into the plot, we know that events take place a while after opium is legalized (in 1860 after the Opium Wars end).

In the book's summary on the back cover, it says that his family later becomes a dynasty. Also, the man who sells the opium says he must sell it in the back of his shop since it wasn't legal! Additionally, if you read that it took place in 1939 during the revolution, it was published in March 1931.

Basically, it must have been close to the start of the Qing dynasty.


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1890s to 1920s