The Good Earth

ok these questions are some i think are most important that i dont really get .can someone help please

How has Wang Lung come full circle from where he began?

Since Wang Lung has lost the friskies, what is Pear Blossom to him now?

Wang Lung is getting old. What does he spend most of his time doing now?

Wang Lung is up to his wicked ways again. What is he doing?

Why doesn’t Wang Lung get the concept of “free”?

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Sure but again you need to ask each one separately. I'll take your first one. Ask the next one in a separate post.

The crowning gesture of Wang Lung's life, the symbol of his rise in status, comes when he gives a wife to a poor farmer. Indeed his life has come full circle, and the fact that he chooses to sit exactly where the Old Mistress sat when she spoke to him attests to his awareness of the the neat arch of his life. This is a moment of deep reflection for Wang Lung; he has accomplished more than he could have dreamed.


I DONT KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THESE BUT I AM STUCK ON ONE "Wang Lung is up to his wicked ways again. What is he doing?"