The Good Earth

Chapter 28: If you were Wang Lung, would you lend money to your villagers with high interests or buy land from cheap price in such situation?

Please help me.

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No, I wouldn't, but Wang Lung no longer clings to the values of his youth and no longer unholds the morals he was raised with. In Chapter 28, we see him drugging his father and uncle (addicting them) with opium in order to dull their senses to such a degree they'll leave him alone. His neighbors and friends need seed, so they're forced to sell him their own land and their daughters..... large interest rates cripple them. But Wang Lung doesn't care, it's about prestige and "things,' and he has no problem trying to attain status bhy taking advantage of friends he once respected. I would have a problem doing this; what about you?


The Good Earth

Thanks for your answer. To me I would not do this either.