The Good Earth

Can someone please help me with some important quotes and ideas for a essay with the theme of: "There is a constant struggle between the wealthy and the poor in society."?

It has to be 3-5 pages long. I just need some very important quotes to show I got evidence from the book. Also, I need some important ideas to express throughout my essay. If you can think of a really good thesis statement that can be at the end of my first paragraph, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank youu!!

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Wang Lung is torn between the importance of wealth and what it means to be poor....... he has experienced both and finds that it's not the wealth, it's the land. He knoes that as long as he has the earth beneath his feet and a crop in the ground he is a rich man. This is one idea you might want to play with being as there's such a change in how he envisions wealth from beginning to end.

"But Wang Lung thought of his land and pondered this way and that, with the sickened heart of deferred hope, how he could get back to it. He belonged, not to this scum which clung to the walls of a rich man’s house; nor did he belong to the rich man’s house. He belonged to the land and he could not live with any fullness until he felt the land under his feet and followed a plow in the springtime and bore a scythe in his hand at harvest."