The Godfather

H0w d0es Michael rise t0 p0wer?

The G0dfather

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After returning from Sicily, Michael takes over as the Don of the Corleone family, pushing Tom Hagen aside and relying on his father as consigliere. Tessio and Clemenza become increasingly frustrated at Michael's inaction while Barzini's people close in on the Corleones' business. Meanwhile, Michael is planning to move the family to Nevada to focus on their gambling interests. In Las Vegas, Michael meets with Moe Greene, the presiding Don, who refuses to sell his shares of his casino to the Corleone family. An aged Don Corleone meets with Michael at the Corleone Mall, and tells his youngest son that he always hoped he would become a politician - he never wanted him in the family business. Sadly, he tells Michael, whomever arranges a meeting with Barzini is the traitor within the family. One afternoon, while playing with Michael's son Anthony in the garden, Don Corleone collapses and dies. At the Don's funeral, Tessio tells Michael that Barzini wants to arrange a meeting. Michael and Tom Hagen know that this means Tessio has betrayed the family.


Michael gained respect after saving his father's life at the hospital. Also, he succeeded at Loui's in killing Mcklusky and Sollozzo.