The God of Small Things


Could someone please supply me with a breif timeline of events? I am very confused because of how the book seems to jump back and forth between parts.

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what was Aummu's dream? why do you think she had such a dream?

Ammu's dream about the one-armed man is both sexual and violent. Although she and her dream lover never touch, it is as though they are making love through their deep connection to one another. This sex is connected to violence in several ways. First, the dream actualized (Ammu's and Velutha's affair) leads to Velutha's death. There is violence implicit in the fact that Ammu's dream lover has only one arm, since he must have lost the other. Because of his disability, he perhaps can only do one thing to or for her at a time. The dream lover's disability represents the fact that Velutha can be only one thing to Ammu, a secret lover.