The God of Small Things

summerize in what since velutha is "the god of loss" and "the god of small things"

velutha good of loss god of small things

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." Velutha, "The God of Small Things," slips from place to place undetected, enjoying life's small pleasures without paying attention to the "Big" fact that he is an Untouchable and should not be playing with the twins or sleeping with their mother. Velutha is also called "The God of Loss," a sad title that references the loneliness that accompanies living amongst the "Small Things." At the same time, recognizing the powerful presence of "Small Things" means knowing that we are never alone; there is always someone watching, even if it is a flea or even a microbe. Estha and Rahel are the the disciples of "The God of Small Things." They explore the world of the river and History House, where no one else dares go. Because they are children, they are not as tied to the world of "Big Things" as the adults. Yet they also bear the brunt of the weight of the sad and dangerous "Small Things" that go on in their family's life: Estha's molestation, Rahel's fear that Ammu loves her a little less, the secret of what really happened to Sophie Mol, and the beating of Velutha, which they see with their own eyes. When Rahel and Estha make love as adults, they are finally letting go of their grief through action--they set themselves free from the burden of their "Small Things."