The God of Small Things

can you please give me 10 different types of betrayal by charecters

betrayal in the novel

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A number of betrayals are the direct result of Baby Kochamma's repressive actions against Ammu. She is responsible poisoning the minds of Mammachi and Chacko, concocts a false case against Velutha, thereby tricking the children into betraying her. She is also directly responsible for urging Chacko to return Estha to his father and forcing Ammu to leave.


The God of Small Things

Estha's innocence is betrayed by Orangedrink Lemondrink man - by molesting him.

Vellya Paapen betrays Velutha by telling Mammachi about his affair with Ammu. He even offers to kill him.

Baby Kochamma betrays the children by duping them into thinking that they killed Sophie Mol.

Comrade Pillai also betrays Velutha by not helping him when he needed protection the most - The night he was killed.

Ultimately, Estha betrays Velutha by saying that he kidnapped them and killed Sophie Mol.

Childhood betrays Estha and Rahel by thrusting them into the world of violence and death causing them both to lose their innocence too early.