The God of Small Things

Arundhati roy's non-fiction writings concerned with environment

I need ur literary support as my area of research is on Arundhati roy's non-fiction writings.

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Since The God of Small Things Roy has devoted herself mainly to nonfiction and politics, publishing two more collections of essays, as well as working for social causes. She is a spokesperson of the anti-globalization/alter-globalization movement and a vehement critic of neo-imperialism and of the global policies of the United States. She also criticizes India's nuclear weapons policies and the approach to industrialization and rapid development as currently being practiced in India, including the Narmada Dam project and the power company Enron's activities in India. Consider these non-fiction articles:

How Deep Shall We Dig?

By Arundhati Roy

"There is a new kind of secessionist movement taking place in India. It is the kind of secession in which a relatively small section of people become immensely wealthy by appropriating everything." An essay on a country that is caught in the cross-currents of neo-liberalism and Hindu nationalism

The War That Never Ends'

By Arundhati Roy And Anthony Arnove

Arundhati Roy talks about: 'The War That Never Ends'

When The Saints Go Marching Out

By Arundhati Roy

It's interesting how icons, when their time has passed, are commodified and appropriated to promote the prejudice, bigotry and inequity they battled against

The Loneliness Of Noam Chomsky

By Arundhati Roy


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