The Glass Menagerie

Why Friday means fish?

It is a question about The Glass Menagerie. On Stage two scene 6, Amanda said "O'Connor - he's Irish and tomorrow's Friday - that means fish."

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Before the second vatican council in 1965, catholics observed fasting frommeat every Friday. Instead, fish was eaten in its place. The play takes place during the 1930s soo this rule was still in affect. It was no longer observed after 1965.



Is O'Conor a catholic?

Why is he following that rule?

Everybody in the place should follow it?


Question from myself

It is never particarally stated the he was Catholic Amanda assuming by is last name though that he was. Any Catholic would observe that rule if they were a practing One. They follow it to make a good impression on him.


the paly The glass meneragie