The Glass Menagerie

Theme!! please help asap

What is the theme of the play??

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The major theme in this play is the theme of escape. Every character in this play needs an escape from their own reality. Tom escapes by going to the movies and by drinking. The movies are the only source of adventure that tom has. Laura escapes into her world of magical and dream like glass figures. They bring her into of a world beauty, a world in her reality that she knows nothing about nor fits into. Amanda uses her memories of Blue Mountain to escape. She loves to recall her days a beautiful young belle who was the main catch in her town. Jim uses his wanting of kowledge to escape. He wants the escape the meaninless job at the shoe factory and go to college for a chance at something better. The father even tough not a real character escaped the family by leaving them only with a post card that said hello and goodbye. He was a telehone man who fell in love with long distnces.


the play the glass meneragie