The Glass Menagerie

pretent that you are Laura Wingfiled as she is presented in the play write a letter to jim o c'onnor which you know you will never mail

the glass menagerie, can someone help me with this?

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Are you talking about a certain period of time here....... pre-kiss, after the first kiss.................. a response Jim's after kiss confession?

I can't write it for you but consider the type of people Laura and Jim are. Tom and Jim both see Laura as an exotic creature, completely and rather quaintly foreign to the rest of the world. Yet Laura’s crush on the high school hero, Jim, is a rather ordinary schoolgirl sentiment, and a girl as supposedly fragile as Laura could hardly handle the days she spends walking the streets in the cold to avoid going to typing class. Through actions like these, Laura repeatedly displays a will of her own that defies others’ perceptions of her, and this will repeatedly goes unacknowledged. Laura's letter would probably full of insicurities and subtle affection.


No am not talking about a certain period