The Glass Menagerie

Laura's analysis

I need help with some questions,please:

1. How is Laura relate to the plot and theme of the glass menagerie?

2. What are her opposite forces? What is in her way to achieve it? Who is against her?

3. Who is the character most involved with her and why?

4. How does she change in the play and how her changes affect others in the play?

5. What are some important lines that other say about Laura, what she say about the others? Why all these lines are important in the script or for each particular character?

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Laura is connected with the glass. She has a sort of translucent beauty to her that is also very breakable. Yes, she is just as fragile as her little glass crystals. Laura is also emotionally fragile too. She runs away at the slightest of conflict. In many ways Laura is a caricature like her figurines. Her crippled leg is also a symbol of her fragility as well as the imperfectness of her glass sculptures and herself.

Please ask other questions each separately.