The Glass Menagerie


please what is amandas moral view

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Amanda was brought up in a traditional way. She values marriage and family, though her own experience has left her alone and financially unstable. Amanda wants her daughter to have security, a good marriage. None-the-less, she also tries to prepare Laura to fend for herself if things don't work out the way she hopes. Suiotrs are expected to act properly, as is her daughter. Amanda is easy to dislike, but her heart is in the right place. She wants the best for her children, even if she herself is seen as selfish. It's important to remember that Amanda isn't just selfish, there are many moments of tenderness and selflessness. She does whatever she thinks is necessary to insure Laura's marriage projects, things she would have considered far beneath her in her youth. In the end, we have a mother trying to give her children the best life possible. The best of mothers don't always get it right...... 


The Glass Menagerie