The Glass Castle

Why is jeannette afraid of the women tin the green lantern?

in the glass castle

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The Green Lantern is a house of prostitution near the highway Battle Mountain. Rose Mary calls the place a “cathouse” in which bad things happen, but Jeannette and Brian are confused since they see no cats there. Jeannette dares Brian to go up to the porch of the Green Lantern. Brian acquiesces and speaks to one of the women who explains that the Green Lantern is a place where men come and are treated nicely by women.

After Brian is taken there by his father he stops waving to the women, and tells Jeannette that it's a bad place and that the women are bad. His father has made him wait outside of a room while having a liason with a woman named Ginger. He spends his time reading a comic book his father had given him, but then took away to give it to Ginger when she showed interest. Jeanette see that it's a bad place and knows now to stay away, but she's never sure exactly why.