The Glass Castle

Why did Jeannette hide in the taxi from her mom in part 1?

In the beginning of the novel, Jeanette sees her mom for the first time in years and he mother has rags tied around her shoulders and was picking through the trasg Jeannette slid down in the taxi to keep her mom from seeing her

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You are correct, Jeanette hides behind the seat to avoid being seen by her mother. She tells the cab driver to take her home to Park Avenue. She is afraid that people at the party will see that she is the daughter of a homeless woman.

Jeannette didn't want her mother to see her. I think she was shocked to see her mother still living like that. She was embarrassed of her past. She was afraid her secret would come out and everyone would know a little about her past. She was ashamed of her past. Who wouldnt of been? Her parents had a weird way of parenting. Jeannette was cooking at three years old! My parents would of never even let me go near the stove at three. She slid down the seat in the taxi hoping her mom didnt see her. She didn't want her mom to call her name and she didnt want people to know that her mom was so desprite for food she was digging through the trash. Jennette tryed to help her parents out counless time. The parents are choosing to live like that. They don't want her help.