The Glass Castle

What ways have the children been damaged because of their childhood experiences

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The Walls children suffer an enormous amount of damage over the course of their young lives due to neglect from their parents. The children suffer both physical and emotional damage, they're uprooted and lack a real home, their parents are unreliable, poor role models, and too concerned about their own wants and needs to worry about their children's. The children are moved from place to place, often lack proper clothing, and far too often.... they lack enough to eat. Their mother is selfish, their father is an alcoholic. Neither parent places any importance on schedules, planning, or making sure their children have the proper care.... medical or personal. The children are often left to fend for themselves and care for each other. In the end.... the children all leave, knowing that if they don't find a sense of normacly for themselves, they'll never have any at all.

Maureen, who was essentially left behind because of her age likely suffers the most damage of all the children because her siblings weren't around to protect her. Maureen drops out of college, goes to work in a bar, and "squats" with her parents. She goes onto stab her mother, get arrested, after which she spends time in a mental hospital. When she gets out, she leaves her family without a goodbye.


The Glass Castle