The Glass Castle

What does Grandma Smith’s home symbolize for Jeannette, who will come to look back longingly on the times she has spent there?

This is Part 3

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Grandma Smith (Lilly Smith) is Rose Mary’s mother and a former teacher. She is the opposite of her daughter and is very particular about how things should be done. Grandma Smith’s strictness is partly to blame for Rose Mary’s lenient and flexible parenting style. Throughout their travels, the Walls family would sometimes stay in Grandma Smith’s house in Phoenix.

Jeanette loves her grandmother dearly, and Grandma Smith makes no secret that Jeanette is her favorite grandchild. While the family is driving to Phoenix, Jeanette asks her mother if they're going to stay with Grandma Smith while they're there...... it is at that point, Rosemary tells Jeanette her grandmother is dead (she couldn't have been more tactful).