The Glass Castle

List all the places that the walls family lived and a brief description.

Please list in order the places they have lived and include page number or a brief description.

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Jeanette is born in Arizona.

The family moves to Las Vegas where they live in a hotel.

After Mr Walls is discovered cheating at blackjack, the family moves to San Francisco where they live in a hotel/brothel.

From San Francisco, the family moves on to Midland, CA., where they live in the desert.

Blythe, CA~ They move into an apartment and Jeanette goes to school.

Battle Mountain, Nevada~ The family moves into a deserted train station, very poor neighborhood.

Phoenix~ The family moves into Grandma's house; they are happy; the kids are back in school, and Dad is working.

Welch, WV~ The family moves in with Rex's parents; it's a disaster.

New York, NY~ The family follows Lori to the Big Apple.