The Glass Castle

In "The Glass Castle," why does Dad have a tough time getting work?

Chapter 2

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On Page 112, we are told that Dad told the children that the reason he was having a tough time getting steady work was that the electrician's union was corrupt (Phoenix).


The Glass Castle

rex walls has a problem with finding work and keeping a job because he's a drunk. when your in the clutches of alcohol your perception of reality is very cloudy and will make you paranoid.

Rex Walls can't keep a steady job because he has too many other things going on in his life. He is severe alcoholic, and he mainly thinks about only himself and the things he wants to accomplish later in life, like finding gold and building the glass castle.

Rex Walls can't keep a job because there's always some sort of conspiracy, out to get him, like the miner union being run by the mob. However, in reality he can't keep a career due to his heavy drinking.

Why Rex Walls is having a hard time with his jobs is that an electricians union in Pheonix,Arizona was very corrupt, and also his alcahol problems.