The Glass Castle

How does the desert affect the family’s lifestyle? Be specific.

From The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

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The family merely conform their own brand of living on the desert. Their is the same lack of order and structure in the desert as the other places they lived. three-year old Jeannette Walls’ pink dress catches fire while she is cooking hot dogs in her family’s trailer. Mrs. Walls apparently felt her daughter was mature enough to do this. Jeannette enjoys the solitude and order of the hospital, qualities which do not characterize her home life. After returning from the hospital, Jeannette becomes enthralled by fire. Her parents support this, insistent that she not be defeated or afraid of that which led to her injury. Not only does Jeannette resume cooking hot dogs on the stove (to the delight of her mother) but she also starts to steal her father’s matches.