The Glass Castle

Explain the role which each member has in the family.

Explain the role which each member has in the family

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Lori Walls

Rex and Rose Mary’s first child, Lori is born bald and mute until her third year when she her red hair begins to grow and she begins speaking. As eldest, she often takes charge of the household when neither Rex nor Rose Mary is up to the job.

Brian Walls

Jeannette’s younger brother. When he is born Brian is seizing and his skin is blue from lack of oxygen. He seldom whines or cries and has a tough demeanor. Like other Walls children, Brian has red hair. He also has freckles on his nose. Brian is very protective of his sister Lori and likes to play in nature. He loses faith in his father at a young age.

Rose Mary Walls

Jeannette's mother. Rose Mary enjoys art and dislikes rules. She frequently withdraws into her own world and is incredibly self-involved, sometimes to the point of placing her children in harm. She calls herself an "excitement addict" and is most pleased when life is an adventure.

Rex Walls

Jeannette’s father. Jeannette describes him as smelling like cigarettes, whisky, and hair tonic. Rex invents credentials in order to get jobs, which he never keeps for long. A dreamer, Mr. Walls creates many fantastical stories to explain realities of life to his children. For instance, when they have to move because of bill collectors, Rex instead tells his children that they are being chased by FBI agents. Rex is plagued by drunkenness and gambling addictions.

Jeannette Walls

The main character and author of the memoir, Jeannette is a hard-working and intelligent child. She is the favorite child of her father, Rex and she is able to believe in him for the longest out of all the children. Jeanette becomes a journalist later in life and is married twice.

Mary Charlene Walls

Rex and Rose Mary’s second daughter, Mary Charlene dies at only 9-months old one night in her crib. Her death prompts Rex’s gambling and drinking habits.

Lilly Ruth Maureen Walls (Maureen)

Rex and Rose Mary’s youngest daughter, she is named after her two grandmothers Lilly and Erma Ruth.