The Glass Castle

Does jeanette own the mother's texas property inheritance.

What was the diposition of that over a $1million texas property.

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"Late in life, Rose Mary admits to having land in Texas that's worth a million dollars. She never sold it and still won't, despite all their years of poverty, because she wants to keep it in the family."

I would assume that the inheritance would be divided between the children.


Jeannette finds out that Rose Mary had property in Texas equivalent $1 million. If Rose Mary had sold the property she would have been able to provide for her children, rather than having them go through the things they did. I can't recall that it is dealt with in the novel.

money seems to mean little to Rex and Rose Mary Walls as a means to buy necessities or to make a practical, settled life possible. Indeed, Rex's earnings at poker illustrate that he could be living in an apartment with running water were he focused on using the money towards housing. Furthermore, Rose Mary's tract of land, which Jeannette suspects might be worth one million dollars, could have dramatically altered the trajectory of life for her and her family, yet she never even considered selling it.