The Glass Castle

Describe the new house the Walls family finds. Describe the contrast between "the glass castle" that Jeannette's father plans and the new house.

the glass castle

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93 Little Hobart Street is most symbolic of the depression that accompanies the family's move to Welch. From the outset, the house is shoddy and in desperate need of repair. However, Jeannette is the only one who tries to fix it; all other members have given up fixing or improving the house. Everyone appears hopeless that their conditions will improve and powerless to change them.

The dream of the Glass Castle is also destroyed during this time. Brian and Lori begin digging a foundation for the home Rex had designed for his family, but the foundation instead becomes a ditch for garbage that the family cannot afford to have picked up. The idea and dream of the Glass Castle as a physical structure is also destroyed when this happens. Jeannette realizes that it will never be built. Yet, the Glass Castle as a symbol and an abstract hope lives on.


The house was small (dinky), perched high on a hilltop. It had a "drooping" porch and peeling paint. It tilted because of erosion. Small, the house only had three rooms and no bathroom or running water; the toilet was located under the house and settled over a hole in the ground.