The Giver

What's the worst part in the book the giver

The giver?

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This all depends on what you mean by "worst part". Is this from a writing view or something that was disturbing within the storyline. I'm going to assume the latter but if I'm wrong you can E back with something more specific. The most disturbing aspect of this society was the fact that they would cast people out if they were not up to the standards of "normality". This meant old people, babies, children and whoever else did not conform to what the Elders wanted.

The worst part is when Jonas became the receiver and had to lie to people


The book

When the giver transfers disturbing memories to Jonas.


My head

The worst part of the book for me is when when Jonas receives the memory of war. I didn't like the memory because no one should experience that memory even if it's not happening right in front of him. It is a very depressing memory.



When Jonas receives the memory of pain