The Giver

what was unique the way children were born and cared for in the community?

chapters 1-2 the giver

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The children were born through "birthmothers." The birthmothers were assigned their job and spent a few years of their life solely having children. These children were cared for by nurturers until they were old enough to be assigned to a family unit. The family unit would care for them until they reached a certain grade and were given a job of their own.

Birthmothers, or basically women assigned to give birth to children, gave birth to all the kids in the community. They were the only people who had intercourse. These children were then assigned to the families that had submitted an application for a child. The parents essentially adopted kids instead of having their own. The children grew up and lived with their parents until they became a full adult. When they were a fully trained adult, they moved out and had a dwelling of their own.


The Giver by Lois Lowry