The Giver

What is that geography, Climate , and vegetation like?

What is that geography, Climate , and vegetation like?

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The community is near a river, and according to the text, Jonas sees the community in the following way.

"He stood at the foot of the bridge that spanned the river, the bridge that citizens were allowed to cross only on official business. Jonas had crossed it on school trips, visiting the outlying communities, and he knew that the land beyond the bridge was much the same, flat and well ordered, with fields for agriculture."

The climate is controlled to utilize growing times. The community no longer experiences cold or snow.

"Climate Control. Snow made growing food difficult, limited the agricultural periods. And unpredictable weather made transportation almost impossible at times. It wasn't a practical thing, so it became obsolete when we went to Sameness."

There is no vegetation in the community that hasn't been planned. Jonas first experiences what the area was once like through a memory given to him by the Giver. These things were completely alien to him.

"There were tufts of sparse grass, a few bushes and rocks, and nearby he could see an area of thicker vegetation: broad, low trees outlined against the sky."


The Giver

Climate- hot

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