The Giver

what is jonas beginning to see through his capacity to see beyond?

ch 11-12

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The Giver asks him to recall the beginning of the memory with the sled as if it were one of his own memories and to look down at the sled. When Jonas does so, he realizes that the sled has the same mysterious quality as the apple and Fiona's hair, albeit in a more permanent manner. The Giver then points to the top row of books in the Annex, and Jonas confirms that the books also briefly change. The Giver tells him that he is beginning to see the color red and that long ago everything had a color; one of the colors was red. The apple and Fiona's hair are both particularly red, and the faces of the crowd have red tones, although flesh used to be many different colors. The genetic scientists are trying to eradicate things such as Fiona's red hair, but Sameness is still not entirely complete.

The sled was permanently red because it came from before Sameness, and The Giver says that he can see all the other colors as well, as will Jonas, who will gain wisdom as well as colors and other things. People decided long ago to end differences and convert to Sameness, which gave them control of many things but caused them to lose control of others. Jonas protests this development immediately, whereas The Giver took many years to come to the same conclusion. Jonas asks how The Giver first experienced seeing beyond, but The Giver promises to tell him later and decides for the moment to give him the memory of a rainbow.


Jonas is starting to see colors and life of how it was


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