The Giver

What did Jonas see when he watched a Release?

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Jonas mentions his father's release of the twin today. The Giver wishes they would not release twins, but Jonas points out the confusion possible from having two identical people. The Giver reminds him that he is allowed to ask anything and that everything is recorded for the Hall of Closed Records, and he tells Jonas to watch this morning's release. The Giver asks the speaker for the video, which appears on the screen above the speaker switches. It shows a small room, to Jonas's surprise, since Ceremonies of Release for the Old have many viewers. He watches his father weigh the two and send the larger one back to the Center. Jonas narrates what his father told him, but The Giver hushes him repeatedly.

Jonas watches as his father takes the smaller one and inserts a filled syringe into the newchild's forehead, injecting it while he apologizes to the newborn for having to use his forehead instead of a smaller vein. Jonas waits for his father to clean the child up but instead sees the baby die, and he realizes that his father has killed the twin. Stunned, he sees his father place the body in a carton and send it into a trash chute.