The Giver

match pls

Match the character with his/her trait.

1. Jonas a. Nurturer
2. The Giver b. Assistant Director of Recreation
3. Asher c. apprehensive at the beginning
4. Jonas's father d. can't sleep at night
5. Gabriel e. saw beyond by hearing music
6. Rosemary f. wanted to keep Gabriel
7. Lily g. asked for Release
8. Fiona h. gets upset when adults break the rules
9. Jonas's mother i. performs Ceremony of 12
10. Chief Elder j. has red hair

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I can do a few for you:

Jonas/ wanted to keep Gabriel

Asher/ Assistant Director of Recreation

Lily / gets upset when adults break the rules

Rosemary/asked for Release

Fiona/ has red hair

Jonas's father / Nurturer

wait cant u do all