The Giver

How would you describe jonas, the giver, and gabe?

I need to describe them in 3 sentences.

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The novel's protagonist, he is an intelligent and courageous boy with the Capacity to See Beyond. He learns that instead of receiving an assignment, he has been selected to become the next Receiver of Memory for the community, which entails holding society's memories and providing guidance to the Elders. He is thus to become something like a prophet, which suggests that Lowry has named him after the Biblical prophet Jonah. As the acquisition of society's memories gives him wisdom and a new appreciation for individual differences and human emotions, he gradually becomes disillusioned with his society and is eventually faced with the choice either to continue being The Receiver or to take action to place his community on a new path.

The Giver

The previous Receiver of Memory, he serves as a tutor and a mentor for Jonas, introducing Jonas to new concepts as he transmits the memories. Although he suffers terribly as The Receiver, The Giver took more years than Jonas to realize the necessity for action and change in their society, and by the end of the novel, his experiences with Jonas cause him to realize that he can help the community in a similar manner.


Jonas's father brings this newchild home temporarily in order to give him more care so that he will not be released. Gabriel becomes a lively, inquisitive toddler, and Jonas discovers that he is also able to receive memories. However, he becomes dependent on sleeping in Jonas's room, which leads the Nurturers to agree to release him, a decision that causes a drastic change in Jonas's plans.