The Giver

How is Jonas like or unlike Lily? His father and mother? Asher?

He felt that how they?

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Jonas is like Lily in that they both have a zest for life. Lily is enthusiastic and fill of energy. She shows a natural empathy for newborns. Jonas too has a lot of energy for life. Jonas is older and his energy is more intense than Lilly's. Jonas has the gift. He sees beyond. This sets him apart from everybody in the village including his family. With this gift comes incredible responsibility and Jonas must grow up fast. Lily is able to live her life as a "normal" child in that community. Jonas evolves quite differently than other kids. He can be practical like his mother and nurturing like his father but this is where the similarities to his parents end. Jonas is a free thinker. He notices the gaps and hypocrisy of society at an early age. Asher is Jonas's best friend. Like Jonas Asher is full of energy. He shares similar interests with Jonas but, as Jonas matures, ceases to understand him. By the time he is a young adult, Jonas is much more enlightened and disturbed about his society. He then has very little in common with anybody in the village except perhaps the Giver.

Jonas is "Different" from them because Jonas has the power to see " Beyond "

Jonas is unlike lily,his farther and mother and also Asher because he can see beyone and he can feel pain, happiness, can see war and color.


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