The Giver

how does the setting develop the story and character?

i read the the book i still dont get know

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As with many societies that ultimately end up as dystopias in literature, Jonas's community initially appears designed to be a utopia. The society is safe, there are few premature deaths, Jonas's family seems to be loving and supportive, and Jonas has learned to value sharing, equality, and honesty, among other virtues. However, the safety of the society is shown to be equivalent to stagnation, and members of the society become so obedient and unquestioning that they do not even question the value of release if their jobs require that they sometimes euthanize individuals. Ultimately, The Giver shows that the line between utopia and dystopia may be thin, since a lack of moderation in values such as security often results in the curbing of liberty and the rejection of wisdom. We gradually see the apparent utopia turn into a dystopia through the eyes of Jonas, who finally breaks with the tenets of his society after witnessing his father's release of the twin baby.