The Giver

How does Jonas display focus, believing their's hope and striving?

show an example of Jonas having focus, striving and believing there is hope.

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Jonas going through his training as the receiver even though he is becoming increasingly disenchanted with this whole society. He absorbs some pretty bad memories from the Giver but he is focused on learning his new job. There really isn't much hope in this book. Hope only enters when Jonas and the Giver decide they need to tear their world down. Only through the release of painful memories can this society hope to be anything more than child-like people with no emotional maturity. Jonas is devastated by the image of his father killing the new-child because it is a twin. Jonas and the Giver decide that he should run away so that the memories will be released into the community. They both hope that The Giver can teach the community to regain wisdom and emotion through the memories rather than to force the memories away. Jonas takes the child Gabe and leaves hoping there is somewhere else.