The Giver

How do you think isolation from the rest of the world might affect you, your family, and Canadian society?

The Isolation Laws:

-All foreign nationals are forced to leave Canada. New comers are no longer allowed to enter.

-Canadians are not allowed to go abroad.

-Ships large enough to make ocean voyages can no longer be built and existing ones are to be destroyed. Planes are no longer allowed to enter or leave the country.

-Canadians who are out of the country are forbidden to return.

-Foreign products, including food and clothing, are banned.

-Foreign books, newspapers, and magazines, as well as foreign radio and television programs are banned.

-Canadians can no longer use any electronic devices (including phone, fax, or internet) to communicate with anyone outside of Canada.

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It would certainly put a damper on Canadian society evolving. Society would in fact march backwards. For a real life example we need only look to North Korea. They exist or barely exist within a bubble under the shadow of their "dear leader" (now deceased). North Korea exists in a near pre-industrialization state. They are kept in the dark, so to speak, about everything that the western world takes for granted. This proposition for Canada would be highly unlikely unless some post apocalyptic scenario came about.