The Giver

How do the main characters feel about their assignments?

uhhhhhhh i dont uderstand this

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Jonas tried to pay attention as One, smiling happily, received her Assignment as Fish Hatchery Attendant along with words of praise for her
childhood spent doing many volunteer hours there, and her obvious interest in the important process of providing nourishment for the community.

Three, Isaac, was given an Assignment as Instructor of Sixes, which obviously pleased him and was well deserved.

''Asher.'' She lifted her voice to make the official announcement. ''We have given you the Assignment of Assistant Director of Recreation.'' She clipped on his new badge as he stood beside her, beaming.

Even the applause, though enthusiastic, seemed serene when Fiona was given the important Assignment of Caretaker of the Old. It was perfect for such a sensitive, gentle girl, and her smile was satisfied and pleased when she took her seat beside him again.


The Giver