The Giver

For the book (The Giver) describe the memory of war. What does Jonas see? What does he experience

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After experiencing neglect and true hunger in one memory, Jonas asks why they must have these memories, and The Giver answers that it gives them wisdom. For example, one year when the citizens petitioned for more births to increase the population of Laborers, The Giver used his memories to remember the starvation and warfare that resulted from overpopulation, although Jonas does not yet know war.

When given the memory of war, Jonas finds himself on a battlefield next to a dying boy who asks him for water. Jonas's own arm is shattered, but he uses his other arm to give water to the boy's lips. However, the boy dies, and the cries of injured men and horses remain, while he hears cannons in the distance and waits in pain listening to the sounds of war. When Jonas can no longer bear it, he opens his real eyes and mentally returns to the bed. The Giver asks him for forgiveness.