The Giver

Explain why echolocation is a superior adaptation for insectivorous bats rather than fruit bats.


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I'm sorry, this sort answer question forum is for literature based questions. You might want to google your question and see if any results pop up to help you formulate an answer.

Jill d, if this forum is for literary questions then you should get your literacy up first bitch. you should have just answered the question instead of being a bitch about it. Why don't you google how not to be such a stuck up bitch.

Goodness Win P. That is rough way to say "This dosen't help." Just skip the answer or look it up on quizlet. Ecolocation is a superior adaptation for insectivorous bats because they use their echolocation to find the location of insects that are in constant motion, typically during the night because bats are nocturnal. Fruit is stationary and fruit bats use other senses and adaptations to locate their food.