The Giver

explain what jonas and his family do every evening after dinner

The giver

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After dinner time with his family everyone tells what happened during the day and how they feel about it. So, for example, Lily (Jonas's 7-year old sister) talks about a visit from some other children to her playground and an uncooperative child in particular. On the surface this feels like a close bonding family. When we read between the lines this family sharing time becomes more ominous. During sharing time each child is expected to share every private thought. Jonas, an adolescent, is expected to share his newly developing sexual thoughts and feelings. The parents are searching for "abnormalities" that might cause the Elders concern. It's all rather creepy.

At dinner they tell ever one what happened that day and they have sharing time,they have to share a private thought

After dinner they usually share their dreams and what happened that day

Talk about there day and how there day was.