The Giver

explain in your own words why jonas must start taking a pill every day. what effect do you thin the pills will have on him?


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In Jonas's dream, he was in the bathing room at the House of Old, but rather than bathing one of the Olds, he was alone and half-dressed with Fiona standing next to a tub. He explains that he feels uneasy because in the dream, he tried to convince Fiona to get into the tub so that he could bathe her, although she refused. At his parents' prompting, he explains the feeling of wanting that he felt. After his recounting, Father offers to walk Lily to school, while Mother asks Jonas to wait, promising to write an apology to his instructor for being late.

Mother explains to Jonas that the feeling of wanting is his first Stirrings, which according to the announcements are supposed to be reported. Since he has reported it by mentioning it in the dream-telling, his mother gives him pills which will suppress the Stirrings. His mother confirms that many of his groupmates already take the pills and that eventually everyone will until they join the House of the Old.