The Giver

Chapter 21-23

Why did the Giver-Receiver plan change all of a sudden?

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In spite of the plan to leave in two weeks, Jonas is forced to leave shortly after dark that night. The reason for the rush is that at today's evening meal, his father said that when they tried having Gabriel stay overnight at the Nurturing Center, he cried all night, so even Father had to vote for his release. Horrified, Jonas then learned that Gabriel would be released in a hurry tomorrow morning, since Naming Ceremony preparations are looming. He is therefore absconding with Gabriel.

Jonas succeeds in escaping, but his plan is altered significantly because he had to leave early in the night with food stolen from leftovers, his father's bike, and Gabriel. He was forced to leave early because he discovered Gabriel was to be released. Jonas escapes into the forest and gets farther and farther away. When he finally leaves the outer border of the community, he begins to run out of food. Gabriel and Jonas become weak. However, Jonas knew deep within his heart when he reached Elsewhere. Jonas and Gabriel made it just in time for Christmas.


The Giver by Lois Lowry