The Giver

CHAPTER 20-23 PLEASE REPLY IN DETAIL Gabe's upbrinigng is different from all that of the other children. How do you think it affects his development and his personality?

with detail plz

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It is important to remember that Gabe is an infant. We aren't talking about differences in upbringing, but rather, differences in nurturing. Gabe is brought into a household, treated as a member of a family from the time he's removed from the nursery. The other infants do not form bonds, aren't cuddled, and aren't spoken to...... they are not nutured with compassion and love, although their immediate needs are met. When Gabe is brought home, Jonas automatically treats him in a way that would be deemed inappropriate by the counsel. He gets up when gabe cries, speaks to him soothingly..... he treats him like family..... he treats him with love. Thus, Gabe responds in kind and seeks that kind of attention.


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