The Giver

after the memory of war, the giver is gentle with jonas, giving him tidbits of happy memories. what are some of these happy memories?

chapter 16-19

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I read it awhile ago but I do recall sled rides and smiling old people.

Here is something more detailed,

the Giver gives Jonas a number of happy memories so that he knows the joys of individuality and of art. He also remembers riding a horse and the bonds between animals and humans...The memory is of a family sharing presents on Christmas, although he does not know the holiday's name, and Jonas experiences the warmth and happiness of the memory. He learns that old people have not always been relegated to a place of respect in the House of the Old, but in fact used to be grandparents.


Christmas, sledding

Some of these happy memories are the memory of Christmas I think the memory of sailing too.