The Giver

3. Why do you think the people of Jonas’s community are required to take pills after the Stirrings begin? What do you think some of the consequences of this practice might be?

The Giver

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Members of the community begin their use of the pill around the age of Eleven or Twelve and do not cease the treatment until they have joined the House of the Old. In this sense, even the adults in the community are infantilized and prevented from enjoying the full range of adult emotions. In addition, the pill's use suggests that even spouses in stable family units remain chaste, and the Assignment of Birthmother indicates that sex may not even be necessary for procreation. In this manner, a certain level of freedom is taken away from the society's citizens.


Because they have to be 11-12 for them to take the pills and they can't stop taking them until they join the House of the Old so therefore it's protection for them not to have sex.