The Garden Party

Mrs Kember's words to Gladys.

what is the meaning of what Mrs Kemper say to her maid Gladys. Something about a handkerchief (At the Bay)


"I say, Glad-eyes, you might heave me a handkerchief if I've got one, will you?" And Glad-eyes, a red bow in her hair instead of a cap, and white shoes, came running with an impudent smile. It was an absolute scandal! True, she had no children, and her husband... Here the voices were always raised; they became fervent. How can he have married her? How can he, how can he? It must have been money, of course, but even then!

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"Glad-eyes" was the name Mrs. Kember used for Gladys, her servant. The name is meant to be condescending..... Mrs. Kember isn't well liked in the community. She's considered fast and unconventional. Her request for the handkerchief was an order from employer to servant. 


AT THE BAY (1921)