The Fountainhead

why does Dominique say in her testimony that the building needs to be destroyed?

I'm confused on it

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From the text:

Howard Roark built a temple to the human spirit. He saw man as strong, proud, clean, wise and fearless. He saw man as a heroic being. And he built a temple to that ... But Ellsworth Toohey said that this temple was a monument to a profound hatred of humanity ... In what kind of world did Roark build his temple? For what kind of men? Look around you. Can you see a shrine becoming sacred by serving as a setting for Mr. Hopton Stoddard? ... Ellsworth Toohey is right, that temple is a sacrilege, though not in the sense he meant ... If [the Stoddard Temple] were allowed to exist, nobody would dare to look himself in the mirror ... let us say that we are moles and we object to mountain peaks. I realize fully that at this moment I am as futile as Howard Roark. This is my Stoddard Temple--my first and my last.


The Fountainhead