The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Eddie and Marguerite

What is Eddie and Marguerites relationship and the writers purpose to their relationship?

So meaning explain their relationship in detail and how their relationship was how it was i guess.

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Marguerite is Eddie's wife. She is the illustration of love. Albom uses short flashbacks of successive birthdays to invoke the monotony that marks Eddie’s twilight years. After Marguerite's death, Eddie's birthdays pass unnoticed; watching his friends and loved ones die off one by one makes Eddie increasingly aware of his fragile mortality. He becomes isolated as he gets older, as there is nobody with whom he can discuss his feelings of confusion, loss, and regret. The young become masters of the world around him, immersed in self- importance, while Eddie watches from the sidelines. He has gotten off the train that forges into the future; he is waiting for a new journey to begin.

Eddie's outlook becomes decidedly pessimistic after Marguerite dies. Marrying her is the only decision he never feels regretful about. Eddie seems to have wanted something different for every other aspect of his life. Once Marguerite is gone, the color recedes from Eddie's world and his regret consumes him; he dwells on all of the things he did not accomplish as opposed to appreciating the lives he touched and the impact he made. It is clear throughout the novel that Marguerite will somehow figure into Eddie's version of eternity, but first, he must learn to see appreciate the value in the other parts of his life.