The Five People You Meet in Heaven



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Eddie is the protagonist of The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Albom never specifies Eddie's last name, but everyone on Ruby Pier calls him "Eddie Maintenance" because that is what is says on his name-tag. The novel begins on the day Eddie dies. At 83, he is a widower with a limp who has been working at Ruby Pier for most of his adult life. Alone and bitter, Eddie sees his life as worthless. That day, however, he dies trying to save a child from a falling roller coaster car during a freak accident at the park. The novel follows Eddie into Heaven as he sheds all of his earthly burdens and finally learns how much his life actually meant through encounters with 5 specific individuals who died before him. Eddie becomes increasingly appreciative over the course of the novel until finally, he is able to let go of all his lingering doubts - thus earning him entry into his own personal Heaven.