The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Decribe Eddie's captivity

how was he treated , what did they make him do?

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In Chapter Six, Eddie wanders through the desolate battlefield until he discovers his old Captain sitting in a tree.The Captain confirms that both he and Eddie are dead; Eddie wonders if he might have been responsible for the Captain’s death. Eddie recalls his wartime experiences. He remembers being stationed on an island in the Philippines, which triggers the next flashback. Four Filipino soldiers take five American soldiers captive, including Eddie and the Captain. They are imprisoned in bamboo barracks, and the Captain nicknames the enemy guards “Crazy One, Crazy Two, Crazy Three, and Crazy Four.” The "Crazies" deprive the Americans of food and water and intermittently torture them. Eventually, they force the prisoners to strip coal in a coal mine. Rabozzo, one of Eddie’s fellow captives, becomes ill and is brutally murdered as a result of his ineffectiveness. Eddie hears the sound of incendiaries in the distance, which means that American forces are close by.

A few weeks later, Eddie and the other captives are weak, starving, and thirsty. They have resigned themselves to the reality that they will die before any Allied forces arrive. Then, Eddie noticies that Crazy Three is juggling two stones. Eddie, who learned to juggle from the performers at Ruby Pier, convinces his captor to give him several stones so that he can demonstrate his talents. Eddie’s skilled performance mesmerizes the guards, giving the Captain and the three other captives the opportunity to attack. Eddie and his comrades grab the Filipino soldiers' weapons and kill them. Once the Americans escape, they find themselves in an empty village. They realize that the army barracks were likely evacuated long ago leaving the four hapless Filipino soldiers alone to guard the American captives. The Captain orders his remaining men, including Eddie, to burn the mine and the village to the ground.